Roo’s World of Discovery Toybrary

What is a Toybrary? A Toybrary is like a library but instead of borrowing books, you borrow toys and games. Why join?

  • You can get new toys every few weeks and your kids won’t get bored
  • Try a toy to see if your child likes it, and if it has lasting play value, before making it part of your permanent collection
  • Enjoy larger items like ride-on toys without worrying about long-term space issues
  • Expensive toys you might not otherwise consider purchasing are available to your children
  • Sharing toys is environmentally responsible
  • Sharing and using toys in library helps children learn to use toys responsibly

Toys in our Toybrary are typically easy to clean and disinfect. Before a toy is made available after it is borrowed, it is checked for safety, pieces are counted, and cleaned again. Each toy in our toybrary, like in our play space, is wiped down with a non-toxic disinfecting cleaner.

Please follow the rules to make borrowing toys from Roo’s World of Discovery Toy Library an enjoyable experience for all of our members:

  • Only Roo’s World Toybrary Members may borrow toys (a Roo’s World of Discovery Annual Membership includes an annual Toybrary membership)
  • Two toys may be borrowed at a time; Roo’s World of Discovery Play and Learn space toys may not be borrowed
  • You make exchange toys as often as you like
  • Borrowed toys are not renewable
  • Toys must be complete and very clean and dry when returned ($5 fee for toys returned dirty and/or wet)
  • Broken toys, other than from normal wear and tear, and missing pieces must be paid for or replaced by the member family; replacement costs are listed on each toy
  • Toys may be checked out for up to 21 days
  • Fines will be applied for toys that are returned late, damaged or missing parts/pieces; fines are imposed to encourage members to return toys promptly and in a clean and complete state ready for other members to borrow:
    • $1.00 a day will be charged for each overdue toy
    • $5.00 for lost packaging/bag
    • $5.00 for lost/damaged toy parts (if part renders toy unusable, full replacement cost applies)
    • Lost toys will incur the replacement cost applied to the specific toy, which are listed on each toy (many toys are available for sale in Roo’s World retail shop)
  • Toys may not be checked out by members with overdue toys
  • Toys may not be checked out until late fines have been paid
  • Roo’s World of Discovery reserves the right to suspend or cancel Toybrary borrowing privileges for anyone who repeatedly violates these rules

Toybrary Membership

Find a membership that fits with your family’s needs. All Toybrary memberships are paid in full at time of purchase. Already a Roo’s World of Discovery member? We have an add-on Toybrary membership for you! Annual Roo’s World of Discovery members have a Toybrary membership already included!

Looking to borrow toys for a short period of time – like when grandkids or nieces and nephews visit from out of town? Contact us and we have a great short-term option for you.

Six Month Only

Toybrary Membership
$72 Six Months

Annual Only

Toybrary Membership
$120 One Year

Six Month Add On

Toybrary Membership
$36 Six Months

Annual Add On

Toybrary Membership
$60 One Year

To see what toys are available in our Toybrary, please create an account.

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