GUEST POST: Indoor Sensory Motor Activities for Cooped Up Kiddos (And A Quick Intro to Sensory Processing 101)


Okay fellow Moms and Dads, here we are, right smack in the middle of the dreaded Seattle winter. It’s raining almost everyday, it’s cold (to us), it’s dark by 5 pm, and if your house is like mine, your kids are cooped up and bouncing off the walls. With at least a couple more months

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GUEST POST: 5 Quick Tips for Enjoying the Holidays with Your Sensory Sensitive Child


This week, I’ve invited our resident occupational therapist, Kristin Bedard, to write a post to help make getting through the holidays a little easier. Kristin is leading an “Ask the OT” play date on Wednesdays at Roo’s World of Discovery at 11am. She has been a practicing pediatric OT for the past six years and

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