Welcome to Roo’s World of Discovery


Roo’s World of Discovery is a Montessori-inspired play and learning environment, where children of all abilities from birth to five can be themselves. Inspired by Maria Montessori, the environment incorporates Montessori early child development theories with fun and play as the vehicle for delivery.

Roo’s World was created with the sensitive child in mind, especially those children who are introverted or have developmental delays and struggle with large crowded noisy places. Without hindering a child’s nature to explore, move and have fun, we’ve designed our space to encourage a more peaceful play and learning experience by using:

  • Colors that inspire a calm and creative environment
  • Quiet music in the background to inspire creativity and learning

We also carefully selected eco-friendly toys and materials, when possible, to further protect the health of our children.

We offer reserved hours, daily, for families with children who prefer to play without the crowds. Families with children who have physical/developmental delays and sensory processing disorders or who are medically fragile are given priority.

Roo’s World is divided into different areas of play and learning inspired by the Montessori philosophy to encourages early childhood development including:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Movement

Roo’s World of Discovery encourages:

  • A hands-on family experience, meant for both the child and the caregiver
  • Giving your young child the gift of meaningful and engaged play
  • Connecting with other mothers, parents and caregivers in a comfortable and relaxing environment
  • Grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and settling in with your little one

We look forward to playing and learning with you,
Michelle and Madeleine (Roo)

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About the Author: Michelle Landwehr
Michelle Landwehr is the founder and owner of Roo's World of Discovery, a Montessori-inspired indoor play and learning space for children of all abilities in Kirkland, WA. She's also a mom to her adorable daughter, Madeleine (Roo). Before Roo's World, Michelle did freelance public relations for healthcare and technology clients.
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